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Anger Management programme

The Anger Management programme is for anyone who would like to have greater understanding and control over their anger expression. Please read on for further information about the programme and also take a look at the Anger Management page on this site. If you would like further information then please email or phone.

The next programme will be in November 2020 - Please email me for a booking form.

“This programme is the best and toughest thing I have ever done -
I wish I had done it years ago”
Comment from previous programme participant

Workshops. MAI2019

About the programme

This programme will be facilitated by James and will have several components in it including: psycho-educational input (knowledge/understanding) listening and empathy to self and others, working in a group and resources in managing your emotions

Themes of the sessions will include
1. Understanding anger
2. Emotional intelligence
3. Styles of anger
4. Expression of anger
5. Communication skills
6. Assertiveness skills
7. Roots of our anger
8. Management of emotions
9. The benefits of anger expressed healthy
10. Anger as a defence system
11. Self-care
12. How to cope with other peoples anger

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The benefits of joining the programme

# Increased control of emotions
# Better understanding of the roots of anger
# Skills to build more satisfying relationships 
# Changing unhealthy behaviours
# Development of communication skills
# Reduction in alcohol consumption and smoking
# Feeling happier and more content in self
# Improvement in sleeping patterns
# Overall sense of feeling happier and contentment
# Learn how to be more assertive
# Increased ability to deal with conflict
# Reduction in stress
# Cost effective

What the experts say

"Anger can be useful, but out of control it can lead to family breakdown and health problems," says Kathryn Hill from the Mental Health Foundation. Its 2009 report Boiling Point showed 28% of adults were worried about how angry they sometimes feel, and 32% had a friend or relative with problems dealing with anger. "Chronic intense anger is linked with heart disease, stroke, depression, self-harm, substance abuse, colds and flu, higher stress levels and negative relationships, such as parental abuse."

The average Briton flies into a rage four times a day, and one in ten of us claims to have been in an accident caused by road rage.

What previous participants have said

“To express my emotions and get them out – I have spent 43 years bottling things up and this programme has shown me how to let them out

“It has given me a viewpoint about what life is all about – a way to move forward… it has changed me”

“My girlfriend has noticed a difference and arguments are kept under control, I have gone from shouting and screaming to explaining things”

“Emotional awareness has really helped, I am reflecting in the morning how I feel when I wake up grumpy, really useful at the moment”

“I surprised myself how I dealt with conflict – something has shifted”

“This work makes me feel very uncomfortable, butterflies in my stomach – I don’t want to go there but I need to”

“Coming on this course is life-changing”

“ I couldn’t be happier, the assertive thing is really working”

“Assertiveness is like magic”

“I feel more alive and more confident”

“I now sit down and discuss problems instead of shouting and getting angry”

“The kids have noticed that I don’t shout so much”

“I’m taking more responsibility for my behaviour”

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